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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Meeting for Organizing 6th International Santal Conference in Bangladesh at Rajshahi

( Mr. Anil Marandy Share his points for 6th International Santal Conference in Bangladesh)

Last September 16,2011, Friday, a meeting was head at Rajshahi for Organizing 6th International Santal Conference in Bangladesh. About 47 Govt. , non-Govt., professionals and Pargana ,Students and others high level professionals were attend the meeting.
[ Mr. Sontosh Soren, Advisor, ISC, Bangladesh Unit, answering participants queries ]

Mr. Surja Hembrom Preside over the meeting and give suggestions for International Santal Conference in Bangladesh.

[ Mr. Durbin Kisku sharing his arguments for International Santal Conferenc ]

Mr.S C Albert Soren ,Convenor,ISC,Bangladesh Unit- Discuss about the aims, objectives, membership procedures, activities of International Santal Conference.
[ Anwar Hossain Dilu , Staff Reoprter, The Daily Prothom Alo, Chapainawabganj Area, share his feelings and express the necessities of International Santal Conference in Bangladesh ]
Advisor Mr. Sontosh Soren answers all the queries of the participants. A draft Budget was present by Mr.
[ Advocate Norendronath Tudu is discussing about the committee to sucssess the 6th ISC Conference]

Peter Swapan Tudu for the 6th International Santal Conference In Bangladesh.
[ Participants are sharing about ISC Membership procedures ]

[ Open discussion events for ISC in Bangladesh ]

Conference Committees are reformed to success the 6th Int’l Santal Conference.


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