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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Santal Tribe- An Introduction

With a population of more than 1 crores, Santhal tribes are the largest tribes in India. Belonging to pre Aryan period, these tribes of India are found in regions of West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Chatishgarh, Assam, Meghalaya and Jharkhand. They are also found in huge concentration in Bangladesh and Nepal. Many call them as “ the tribes at extreme”, a visit to their place will surly get your moneys worth.

Santal tribe- History
Santhal Tribes of India take pride in their past. Historically, these Indian tribes were at front end against Britishers, and their heroics against Lord Cornwallis are well known. Many famous personalities such as Sidhu, Kanhu and Baba Tilka Majhi were part of these enthusiastic tribes of India.

Santal tribe- Language
Santali or Santhali is the prime language spoken by the Santhal Tribe. This Indian tribe also have a script of their own called Olchiki. Apart from Santhali they also speak Bengali, Oriya and Hindi but Santali remains to be the most spoken. It is the most spoke n tribal language in the Indian Sub-Continent with a population of over 1 crores. Santali is also one of the official scheduled languages of India.

Santal tribe- Livelihood
The Santal or Santhal tribes of India have a typical tribal lifestyle. Basic needs are fulfilled by forest tress and plants. The tribes are also engaged in fishing and cultivation. These tribes of India also poses a magnificent skill of making musical equipments, mats and baskets out of the plants. The way this articulate process is carried out is worth wathing.

Santal tribe- Culture
Dancing and music are the streamline of these Indian tribes. Santal / Santhal women dress in the Lungi - Panchi or red bordered white sari and dance in the line sequence. These tribes in India play mind soothing music with instruments like Tirio, Dhodro banam, Phet banam, Tumdak, Tamak, Junko and Singa.

Santal tribe- Religion
Ironically, Santhals don't have a temple of their own and neither do they worship any idols. These tribes of India follow the Sarna religion, with Marangburu, Jaheraera, and Manjhi as their god and goddess.
Santhals pay respect to the ghosts and spirits like Kal Sing, Lakchera, Beudarang etc. Animal sacrifices in order to appease the Gods is a common practice amongst these energetic tribes of India.

Santal tribe- Festivals
Karam festival which falls in the month of September and October, is the highlight festival followed by tedany visitor trevelling to these tribes in India. Other festivals of the celebrated include Sohrai,Maghe, Baba Bonga, Sahrai, Ero, Asaria and Namah. They also celebrate haunting festival called Disum sendra on the eve of Baishakhi Purnima.


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