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Sunday, December 27, 2015

SARI DHARAM is Religion of Santal adivasi.

SARI DHARAM is Religion of Santal adivasi. SARNA is religion of other adivasi like Munda, Oraon, Ho, including Santals of Bengal, Jkd, Bihar, Assam and Odisha. And some adivasi converted into Hindu and Cristianity. But, Only Santal people follow SARI DHARAM and already SARI DHARAM has recognized to West Bengal state and central Govt. West Bengal Backward Classes Welfare Department, Memo No- 942CRI/1-3CRI 2000 Date: 21/10/2000 clearly mentioned that Sari Dharam is a Recognized Tribal Religion of the Santals & they have come under the preview of the Marriage Act 1954. In the census of 1991, 1,63,070 no of Santal people supported Sari Dharam and Indian Census Board recognized Sari Dharam in 2002. in this regard govt. given notice (notice no - TAB.11015(R)/1991/6074/(30.10.2002) to all the District Magistrate of West Bengal to awared to improve Sari Dharam.
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  2. All India Sari Dharam Conference 2015 was organised in Durgapur, Bardhaman, West Bengal & 2016 Conference will be organised in Bankura District Jaher Than Ground, near Bankura,(Bus stand)West Bengal on 12.11.2016 & 13.11.2016. All Santhal's are cordially invited to this Bharat Jakat Sari Dharam Baisi Conference 2016.

  3. why our religion name is sari dharam..??
    does it meaning true religion.

  4. I think , its a new idea comes from some indian santals..

  5. To honour the instruction of Thakur, Mrarngburu ventured out unto the earth with intention to induct religious discipline, morality, sense of ethics and all other virtue in men. Men went to different trees, which were God incarnate to them, but faild to understand the truth underlaying religion. They continued to search for this truth for long 10 or 20 yeras.Thakurian could not bear this failure of men; so she herself appeared before men in for of a "Matkom tree". Men tried hard but yet failed to realise the depth of complete truth. At long last Thakur himself came down to the earth in form of the great "Sal tree". Sitting under this sal tree, the incarnation of religion and truth, knowledge and wisdom, men attained the power to understand the deeper meaning and divergrent impact of truth. In Santali language Sal tree is called "sarjom" and the great Sal tree which is the embodiment of Thakur is called "Sari Sarjom" and the meaning of 'Sari' is 'Truth'. That means in the world of mortality only Thakur is the "Ultimate Truth". As Thakur is worshipped in this earth, the name of this religion is "Sari Dhorom". So, in "Sari Dhorom" it is seen that the people of the Santal community worship a piece of stone under a Sal tree. The place under Sal tree is called "Jaherthan".

  6. CRITICISM OF THIS NAME OF KHERWAL RLGN ::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    literary Sari means true, Povitra, Sagun. actually Sari is the theory of true empowerment and holly place of marangburu. naturally the word sari is a objective word. its can b translatable by any language.. where naturally other's religion name isn't b translatable rather its only can b meaning..
    if we translate it, its comes true religion, holly religion, sotya dhormo, pobitra dhormo, its seem totally awkard, unintelligent, n very cheap nature. truely sari isn't a historical n community identity of kherwal. religion is a big thing in a society. that cant be define by one small objective word. or cant b name by its nature. sari is way, ideal, moral of a religion. religion name by sari its meaning narrow arrogant. sari is a norms of kherwal ritual called 'Sari Aari' for worship Marangburu. so bring prosperity, bring devotional belief in kherwal religion to end the narrow supernatural belief we should name its by KHERWALISM. that's will b real pride as kherwal community. otherwish our future generation will b feel shame to exapress pridely sari dharam when they will felt its actual meaning. they will not get value, devotion from it until we develop it in modern devotional way. by touch of Hindu n Christian acculturisation they will not gets own religious belief, value... eventually nowadays santhal ppl feels hesitate to express their religion name by heart n pridely. they say it as formal. so for secure our religion n community identity as historical truth we should name it KHEWALISM. santhal is caste only not a community.. community means religious group socially, bt sari cant give us identity as community. as santhali we r not a religious group. look outside of the world there hv a sikhism, buddhism, Hinduism, Christianism as community bt we hv not any ism as community. santal's religion has described by sarna, sari, hindu, Christian in Wikipedia. its clear presently, we r standing in liberal approach in our own religion matter.. we cant sayin santhal means follwer of sari dharam only. as santhal we r nothing, rathe than caste only. if we name it kherwalism then our religion will be big, our all theory will b include in one word like hindu. nd the meaning of santhal will b the followers of kherwal religion. n converted santali will b deducted from santhal as origin identity.

  7. What to write in our religion ,if there is mentioned Hindu ,Muslim ,Shikh,Other

  8. which religion are true sari dharam or sarna dharam? where are different from sari or sarna? why our religion are sari or sarna? please tell me.


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