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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santal Engineers Association (SEA)

SEA (Santal Engineering Association )....The place where all santal Engineering people meet and share there experience.

Now, it is back in form&will fnctn regularly wid lots of new happnings.

Santal Engineers Association (SEA) is an association of santals who r engineers by profession. Students who r studying engineering r also part of this association. Since the "engineering" covers very vast subjects in general, we had taken decision in last SEA meeting as to limit our membership scope to only those people who are studying/ studied a course, after which eligible 2 appear for GATE. With this definition of membership, MCA people r also eligible for SEA membership.

Although the objectives of this group can't be limited precisely, but in brief it is 2 discuss about various issues regarding SEA & related subjects benefiting many Santal engineers. This is also one good platform 2 interact with each other and to keep network amng our people.

Official SEA forum :


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