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Welcome Message about this blog

Dear all,

I am very happy to create this blogs to all the respected visitors (Santals, Teachers, Writers, Researchers and others) related to the Santals Clans, Culture, Customs, History, Language, Literature, Myths, Rebellion, Religion, Script, Tradition and .. their future.

The Santals are mainly living in Indian, Bangladesh,Nepal and scattered in the World. There is limited number of publications are publishing in every year. Respected researchers and organizations are research about the the Santal for their own purposes. These articles, research papers and books are going to lost or may be developed their collection personally. But, these are unavailable to the Santal Community.

The articles of this blogs are net-based and not customize according to subject wise. You have to click ARTICLE menu if you want the list of previous year chronologically at a glance. This blog may not fulfill your demands. After all, this is a tiny attempt to make a RESOURCEFUL blog for the Santal Community. Visitors may get these articles collectively at a time from any where. Gradually; I will try to make more resourceful this blog by publish all the Santal Community related articles.

There is COPY RIGHT matter to publish any articles personally. All the articles are mainly net-based. I am very grateful the authors, web owners from where I gather those and mentioned the SOURCE at the end of each article. But, the SOURCE sites you may not longer in next time. Because development of cited sites.

I am trying to gather all biased less articles for the greater unity of the Santals.

Respected all visitors are requested to suggest me about their suggestion/queries/demands via comments.


Peter Swapan Tudu

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