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Dear All,

First of all I wish you all a very very Happy New Year. Raskage Sakrat aar Gadi Asen kobo manao keda.Nitoh-do Baha Parab bon Manao-a onkage raskate.Mag bonga hui ena aar Baha Parab Nendayena.I am very much Happy to inform you all that Baha festival at JUGJAHER,the supreme of all Jahergarh situated at Marangburu (Parasnath Forest at 6000 ft.height.) near Giridih of Jharkhand,India on 26.02.2012.Santad devotees assemble their oneday before to climb up as it is 7 KM away from Madhuban the Town situated below the forest. This festival is being celebrated from 5th day of muluh chando to the full moon day (upto 07.3.2012).I am also giving below the detail Santad Baha Parab Programme of important Jaherthan of Jamshedpur,Tatabazar,Jharkhand :-

1.Santad Jaherthan,Sidgoda-26.02.2012(Sunday).

2.Kadma Jaherthan-03.03.2012 (Day & night)(saturday).

3.Disom Jaher,Karandih-04.03.2012(Sunday)

4.Burm mines Jaher-06.03.2012(Tuesday)

5.Central Jaher,Surda-06.03.2012(Tuesday).

You all are requested to enjoy this Baha festival as per your convenience.

Baha Serenj:-

Fagun bonga ho sagun bonga

Bahabo bongay ho sarjom baha

Fagun bonga ho sagun bonga

Bahabo bahay ho sarjom baha

Fagun bonga ho sagun bonga

Matkom gele ho matkom baha

Fagun bonga ho sagun bonga

Murud baha ho murud baha

Fagun bonga ho sagun bonga.

Source: Mail of Mahatma Tudu ,Jamshedpur,India


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