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Folklore of the Santal Parganas

Translated by

Cecil Henry Bompas

of the Indian Civil Service


Project Gutenberg's Folklore of the Santal Parganas, by Cecil Henry Bompas This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at Title: Folklore of the Santal Parganas Author: Cecil Henry Bompas Posting Date: December 13, 2009 [EBook #11938] Release Date: April 7, 2004 Last Updated: January 16, 2009

Table of Contents

Part I

I. Bajun and Jhore

II. Anuwa and His Mother

III. Ledha and the Leopard

IV. The Cruel Stepmother

V. Karmu and Dharmu

VI. The Jealous Stepmother

VII. The Pious Woman

VIII. The Wise Daughter-in-Law

IX. The Oilman and His Sons

X. The Girl Who Found Helpers

XI. How to Grow Rich

XII. The Changed Calf

XIII. The Koeri and the Barber

XIV. The Prince Who Acquired Wisdom

XV. The Monkey Boy

XVI. The Miser’s Servant

XVII. Kuwar and the Raja’s Daughter

XVIII. The Laughing Fish

XIX. How the Cowherd Found a Bride

XX. Kara and Guja

XXI. The Magic Cow

XXII. Lita and His Animals

XXIII. The Boy Who Found His Father

XXIV. The Oilman’s Bullock

XXV. How Sabai Grass Grew

XXVI. The Merchant’s Son and the Raja’s Daughter[10]

XXVII. The Flycatcher’s Egg

XXVIII. The Wife Who Would Not Be Beaten

XXIX. Sahde Goala

XXX. The Raja’s Son and the Merchant’s Son

XXXI. The Poor Widow

XXXII. The Monkey and the Girl

XXXIII. Ramai and the Animals

XXXIV. The Magic Bedstead

XXXV. The Ghormuhas

XXXVI. The Boy Who Learnt Magic

XXXVII. The Charitable Jogi

XXXVIII. Chote and Mote

XXXIX. The Daydreamer

XL. The Extortionate Sentry

XLI. The Broken Friendship

XLII. A Story Told By a Hindoo

XLIII. The Raibar and the Leopard

XLIV. The Ungrateful Snake

XLV. The Tiger’s Bride

XLVI. The Killing of the Tiger

XLVII. The Dream

XLVIII. The King of the Bhuyans

XLIX. The Foolish Sons

L. Kora and His Sister

LI. A Story on Caste

LII. Tipi and Tepa

LIII. The Child With the Ears of the Ox

LIV. The Child Who Knew His Father

LV. Jogeshwar’s Marriage

LVI. The Strong Man

LVII. The Raja’s Advice

LVIII. The Four Jogis

LIX. The Charitable Raja

LX. A Variant.—The Wandering Raja

LXI. The Two Wives

LXII. Spanling and His Uncles[11]

LXIII. The Silent Wife

LXIV. The Dumb Shepherd

LXV. The Good Daughter-in-Law

LXVI. The Raja’s Dream

LXVII. The Mongoose Boy

LXVIII. The Stolen Treasure

LXIX. Dukhu and His Bonga Wife

LXX. The Monkey Husband

LXXI. Lakhan and the Wild Buffaloes

LXXII. The Boy with the Stag

LXXIII. The Seven Brothers and the Bonga Girl

LXXIV. The Tiger’s Foster Child

LXXV. The Caterpillar Boy

LXXVI. The Monkey Nursemaid

LXXVII. The Wife Who Could Not Keep a Secret

LXXVIII. Sit and Lakhan

LXXIX. The Raja Who went to Heaven

LXXX. Seven Tricks and Single Trick

LXXXI. Fuljhari Raja

LXXXII. The Corpse of the Raja’s Son

LXXXIII. The Sham Child

LXXXIV. The Sons of the Kherohuri Raja

LXXXV. The Dog Bride

LXXXVI. Wealth or Wisdom

LXXXVII. A Goala and the Cow

LXXXVIII. The Telltale Wife

LXXXIX. The Bridegroom Who Spoke in Riddles

XC. The Lazy Man

XCI. Another Lazy Man

XCII. The Widow’s Son

XCIII. The Boy Who Was Changed Into a Dog

XCIV. Birluri and Birbanta

XCV. The Killing of the Rakhas

XCVI. The Children of the Vultures

XCVII. The Ferryman

XCVIII. Catching a Thief[12]

XCIX. The Grasping Raja

C. The Prince Who Would Not Marry

CI. The Prince Who Found Two Wives

CII. The Unfaithful Wife

CIII. The Industrious Bride

CIV. The Boy and His Fate

CV. The Messengers of Death

CVI. The Speaking Crab

CVII. The Leopard Outwitted

CVIII. The Wind and the Sun

CIX. The Coldest Season

Part II

CX. The Jackal and the Crow

CXI. The Tiger Cub and the Calf

CXII. The Jackal and the Chickens

CXIII. The Jackal Punished

CXIV. The Tigers and the Cat

CXV. The Elephants and the Ants

CXVI. A Fox and His Wife

CXVII. The Jackal and the Crocodiles

CXVIII. The Bullfrog and the Crab

CXIX. The Hyena Outwitted

CXX. The Crow and the Egret

CXXI. The Jackal and the Hare

CXXII. The Brave Jackal

CXXIII. The Jackal and the Leopards

Part III

CXXIV. The Fool and His Dinner

CXXV. The Stingy Daughter

CXXVI. The Backwards and Forwards Dance

CXXVII. The Deaf Family

CXXVIII. The Father-in-Law’s Visit

CXXIX. Ramai and Somai[13]

CXXX. The Two Brothers

CXXXI. The Three Fools

CXXXII. The Cure For Laziness

CXXXIII. The Brahmin’s Powers

CXXXIV. Ram’s Wife


CXXXVI. The Women’s Sacrifice

CXXXVII. The Thief’s Son

CXXXVIII. The Divorce

CXXXIX. The Father and the Father-in-Law

CXL. The Reproof

CXLI. Enigmas

CXLII. The Too Particular Wife

CXLIII. The Paharia Socialists

CXLIV. How A Tiger Was Killed

CXLV. The Goala’s Daughter

CXLVI. The Brahmin’s Clothes

CXLVII. The Winning of the Bride

Part IV

CXLVIII. Marriage With Bongas

CXLIX. The Bonga Heaven

CL. Lakhan and the Bonga

CLI. The House Bonga

CLII. The Sarsagun-Maiden

CLIII. The Schoolboy and the Bonga

CLIV. The Bonga’s Cave

CLV. The Bonga’s Victim

CLVI. Baijal and the Bonga

CLVII. Ramai and the Bonga

CLVIII. The Boundary Bonga

CLIX. The Bonga Exorcised

Part V

CLX. The Beginning of Things

CLXI. Chando and His Wife[14]

CLXII. The Sikhar Raja

CLXIII. The Origin of Tobacco

CLXIV. The Transmigration of Souls

CLXV. The Next World

CLXVI. After Death

CLXVII. Hares and Men


CLXIX. Pregnant Women

CLXX. The Influence of the Moon

CLXXI. Illegitimate Children

CLXXII. The Dead

CLXXIII. A Hunting Custom

Part VI

CLXXIV. Witchcraft

CLXXV. Of Dains and Ojhas

CLXXVI. Initiation Into Witchcraft

CLXXVII. Witch Craft

CLXXVIII. Witch Stories

CLXXIX. Witch Stories

CLXXX. Witch Stories

CLXXXI. The Two Witches

CLXXXII. The Sister-in-Law Who Was a Witch

CLXXXIII. Ramjit Bonga

CLXXXIV. The Herd Boy and the Witches

CLXXXV. The Man-Tiger

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