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Santhal Pargana division

Santhal Pargana division (Hindi: संथाल परगना प्रमण्डल) constitutes one of the five administrative units known as the divisions of Jharkhand state in eastern India.

Origin of name

Santhal Pargana derive its name from two words, 'Santhal', also spelled as Santal, a major tribe of India and Pargana, a Persian word, meaning, district.


This is now one of the divisions or commissionaries of Jharkhand. Its headquarters is at Dumka. Presently, this administrative division comprises six districts: Godda, Deoghar, Dumka, Jamtara, Sahibganj and Pakur. Formerly, Santhal Parganas comprised a district of the same name, in undivided Bihar state, India. Earlier to that, in 1855, during British India, Santhal Parganas was created as a district, and was a part of the Bengal Presidency.

Angika, a dialect of Maithili is spoken in this region. Santhali speaking tribes also live in this region, which are unevenly distributed. They had famously rebelled against the British in 1756–1760 under the leadership of Tilkamanjhi and again in 1857–1858 under the leadership of Sido Murmu and his brother Kanhu Murmu.



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