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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Traditional Customary Laws and Indigenous Peoples in Asia

By Raja Devasish Roy

Traditional Customary Laws and Indigenous Peoples in Asia
aims to fill a gap in our collective knowledge on the traditional
customary laws of indigenous peoples of Asia.
The report introduces the reader to the concept of
‘indigenous peoples’ in the Asian context and outlines
some of the relevant provisions from the Draft Declaration
on Indigenous Peoples. It goes on to distinguish
customary law from custom, explaining that the scope of
customary law is wider, and that it is of a higher status,
and, importantly, seeks to describe customary law from
an indigenous peoples’ perspective. For example, the
author describes how customary law is formed – i.e. that
it is what indigenous peoples say it is. It is of immense
practical value to them, for example, to regulate their
resource allocation and to settle disputes.


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