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Lugu Buru Ghanta Bari

hirla maraF buru! hiTla.y jaher ayO ! hirla lugu buru !!
Hirla marang Buru ! Hitlay Jaher Ayo !! Hirla Lugu buru !!!
Uyhar mone re rakab ena ona Tynom miD onol nahel kazmba leka Te sajaw sapzaw keDay ma.n romes ma.rdi Tikin hoTe Te je lugu buru gHanta ba.zi ma sreq, THuTi, DasaNy bONga jHarni, ka.hni ar kuDum kore ge bon baday qam eD TaNheD . enkHan nIT Do neTar ag jugx hisab Te a.Dim jugzx japag reyag bONga ozag hapzam kowag la.y leka Te iq itarnet hoTe Te reiq ol soDor akaDa lugu buru kaTH. bazTi baday la.giD Te lugu buru org bon qeqel Ta:gi re bon Tahen ma.
I think that our historical religious place of Lugu Buru everybody known by the traditional son, flock song & other resources like - story & festival etc. But now I provide to whole santhals races through net by scenery of Lugu Buru holy place where our forefather have been worship. At least I decided that at present every works depend upon INTERNET so, I want to displayed it in this religious place. According to our forefather, some brief history are give below:
Lugu Buru Ghanta Bari Dhorom Garh are situated at Lalpania, Dist. - Bokaro (Jharkhand) Pin - 829149 form the Bokaro 85KM and from the Ranchi 80KM. Here are some CAVE in the middle mountain where Lugu Baba & his families are living. Their name is “BONGA ORAG” our forefather said this name.
Lugu Buru Ghanta Bari pervade the lore, life, literature, legend & binties ( the religious script one of the community) It is learnt from the ancestors that the santhal customary law, civilization and culture was established at their particular holy place. The encroachment on this holy mountain is a breach of fundamental right of the santhals faith. This has caused a lot of communal harmony and socio - culture co-existence in the era.
In this connection, we would like to mention that the santhals are the largest and one of the oldest aboriginals of India. They have pioneered first was of independent of India under the leadership of Baba Tilka Majhi ( 1781-84) & through  Sido-Kanhu Snathals Hul (movement) in the year (1855-56) against the British coloniesm. The Santhali Language (script - Ol Chiki) has also been included in the 8th scheduled on 22nd December-2003 of Indian Constitution . In this script inventor is Pandit Raghunath Murmu , his borned at Dahardih, Dandbush, Rairangpur, Orissa on 05-5-1905 . His is very sincerely at his work. He ivented in this script on 1925 by grace of god “BIDU-CHANDAN” . At present in this script more the five states are speaking santhali languages through OL CHIKI like - Orissa, Bengal, Bihar , Jharkhand & Assam . In this script Govt. Teachers are going appointed on primary school level . At first Orissa Govt. have to appointed Govt. Teacher of Ol chiki. Gradually, we are trying to appoint govt. primary teacher in the Jharkhand , Bengal & others state. The santhals usually worship the GOD in JAHERGAHR . Their religious practice is known as “ SARNAISM”.

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