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Eminent Santali Writer Parimal Hembram

About Parimal Hembram 
Born in 1957 on the second day of February in a Tribal family in the village of Sankaria, P.O.: Choutar, P.S.: Sarenga in the district of Bankura, West Bengal, now settled in Kolkata. He passed his Higher Secondary in 1975 from Kumud Kumari Institution, Jhargram and graduated with honors in Bengali in 1978 from Uluberia College, Howrah under the University of Calcutta. He obtained M.A. degree in Bengali from Calcutta University in 1980.
He worked as clerk in a Bank then worked as a School Teacher. Finally he joined All India Radio as Programme Executive in 1989.
He used to write in his mother-tongue Santhali under the pen-name ‘Marshal Hembram’. He translated his own poems into Bengali.
He wrote many essays on Tribals particularly on Santhals and their language, literature. He delivered many lectures on above subjects organized by renowned organizations in West Bengal.
He got his book ‘SANTALI SAHITYER ITIHAS’ a unique research work published in 2007 in Bengali. In addition to it he has contributed many articles in highly reputed Journals / Magazines in Bengali. He wrote the short history of JHARKHAND in Bengali entitled ‘JHARKHANDER SANKSHIPTO ITIHAS’ published in 2001.

He is a literary critic also, wrote articles on criticism. He wrote two novels which were published in Santhali Magazines. Apart from literary works, he is a performing artist also. He recites poems in Bengali & Santhali. He was attached as an actor with a Folk Theatre Group in Santhali and acted in Santhali and Bengali also. He played in many Radio-Plays in Santhali. He acted in Stage Drama and Film also. He produced many Radio-Plays in Santhali and Bengali. Now working on tribal Art and Culture.
He was the President of ‘SANTHALI SAHITYA PARISHAD’ West Bengal.
Published Books:
  • AAKHARA (1985): Collection of One Act Play in Santhali.
  • RENGECH (1986): Book of story in Santhali.
  • BALTA-BANKHER (1987): Book of story (Satire) in Santhali.
  • AAKAAL (1988): Collection of poems in Santhali with Bengali translation
  • SHIBIL EPEM SENGEL JIWI (1989): Collection of poems in Santhali.
  • TIRI-SIPAHI: Novel in Santhali.
  • KASHDUNGRI: Novel in Santhali.
  • SAONTALI SAHITYER SANKSHIPTO PARICHAY (1995 1st edition & 2006 2nd edition).
  • MANOWA-HO-MANOWA (1996): Collection of poems in Santhali.
  • RADIO-GAYAN (2000): Radio – play in Santali. JHARKHANDER SANKSHIPTO ITIHAS (2001).
  • NAKOSI-SIKENDE (2002):     Collection of poems in Santhali.
  • JION (2002): Translated poems into Bangali from Santhali.
  • ANORHE JHATAM (2004): Collection of poems in Santhali
  • RIMIL (2007): Collection of short-stories in Santhali
  • HEI SAMALO (2009): Translated Santhali poems into Bengali.
  • JOD JELEN KAHINI (Collection of two Novels) (2010)
  • AAKHRA (Collection of Saontali plays) (2012)
  • AKTO REYAK DALIL (Collection of Saontali poems) (2012)
Awards :
  • TETRE AWARD  given by Purulia Santhali Literary Society.
  • GUNIJAN AWARD given by Govt. of West Bengal.
  • SAR-SAGUN AWARD given by Sar Sagun patrika Committee.
  • SADHU RAMCHAND AWARD given by Rusika Mandowa, Uttarpara.
  • SAHITYA SETU AWARD given by Ranotari Sahitya Committee, Bongaon.
  • SADHU RAMCHAND MURMU AWARD given by All India Santhali Writers Association.
  • AWARD FOR THE BOOK ‘JHARKHANDER SANKSHIPTO ITIHAS’ given by Adivasi Youth Association, Kolkata.
  • Life Time Achievement Award for contribution in Santhali Literature given by Durgapur Diosi

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