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List of Santali Books

This is the partial list of books which give details information about Santal language , culture, history and its script, Ol Chiki.

Bodding P O,Santal Dictionary - 7 parts in 5 vol, 1999,Gyan
Publishing House ,5-Ansari Road, New Delhi-110002.
Macphail R M (Editor), Campbell's English-santali dictionary,1984,
Firma KLM Pvt Ltd,257B,BB Ganguly St,Kolkata-700012.
Macphail R M (Editor), Campbell's Santali-English dictionary, 1988,
Firma KLM Pvt Ltd,257B,BB Ganguly St,Kolkata-700012.
Macphail R M ,Introduction to santali, 1983, Firma KLM Pvt
Ltd,257B,BB Ganguly St,Kolkata-700012.
Majhi, L. 1990. Santal: byakarasa, racanakali, sabdakosa [Santali(-Oriya) dictionary] Bhubaneshwar: Adibasi Bhasha o Samskriti Ekademi
Minegishi, Makoto. 1990. Santali-English-Japanese Wordlist - A Preliminary Report.
Journal of Asian and African Studies, 39. ILCAA, Tokyo
Martin, W. 1898. English-Santali Vocabulary. Benares: Medical Hall Press

Bodding, P.O. 1922. Materials for a Santali grammar, I (mostly phonetic). Dumka: Santal
Mission of the Northern Churches
Bodding, P.O. 1929. A Santali grammar for beginners. Benagaria: Santal Mission of the
Northern Churches
Bodding, P.O. 1929. Materials for a Santali grammar, II (mostly morphological). Dumka:
Santal Mission of the Northern Churches
Ghosh, Arun Kumar. 1992. Tagmemic analysis of some aspects of the Santali transitive verb.
In: J.C. Sharma (ed.): From sound to discourse. A tagmemic approach to Indian languages.

Manasagangotri, Mysore: Central Institute of Indian Languages
Minegishi, Makoto & Ganesh Murmu. 2001. Santali Basic Lexicon with Grammatical
Notes. Tokyo: Institute for the Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of
Foreign Studies (Asian and African Lexicon Series No. 38)
Murmu, Pandit Raghunath. 1976. Ranar: A Santali grammar in Santali. (Ol Chiki script). Baripada
Skrefsrud, L.O. 1873. A Grammar of the Santhal Language. Benares: Medical Hall Press

BANDYOPADHYAY, Tapan, 1973 , Saontali Kabita; Dey's Publishing; Calcutta;
Cole, F.T. 1879. Lists of words and phrases with their Santali equivalents Indian Antiquary
Chakrabarti, Byomkes, Comparative Study of Santali & Bengali, 1994, South Asia Books.
Ghosh, Arun Kumar. 1994. Santali - A Look into Santal Morphology. New Delhi: Gyan
Publishing House.
Hembram, S. 1985. Bengali-Medium: Santali Self-Taught. Mecheda, Midnapore: Marang
Buru Press. Revised by M.K. Soren
Mitra P C, Santhali: The base of world languages, 1988, Firma KLM Pvt
Ltd,257B,BB Ganguly St,Kolkata-700012.
Murmu, Gurucharan. 1998. Bibliography of Santali Literature. Calcutta: Biswajnan
Neukom, Lukas. in press. Argument Marking in Santali. In: Mon-Khmer Studies,XXX.
Neukom, Lukas. 2001. Santali. München: Lincom (Languages of the World/Materials, 323)
Phillips, Jeremiah. 1852. An Introduction to the Santali language. Calcutta
Phillips, Jeremiah. 1845/1852. A Santali Primer. Calcutta: School Book Society
Sebeok, T. 1943. Phonemic analysis of Santali Journal of the American Oriental Society
Zide, Norman Herbert. 1958. Final Stops in Korku and Santali IL 19/1:44-8
Zide, Norman Herbert. 1967. The Santali Ol Cemet script. Languages and Areas: Studies
Presented to George V. Bobrinskoy. Chicago. 189-9
Zide, Norman Herbert. 1972. A Munda Demonstrative System: Santali J.M.C. Thomas & L.
Bernot (eds.). Langues et techniques, Nature et Société I: Approche Linguistique, 267-74
BAG, Dhanipati ,1983, Santal Samaj Sameeksha - A Study on Santal Society;
Samatat Prakashani; Calcutta;
Chaudhuri, A.B., 1993 State formation among tribals: a quest for Santal identity (New Delhi: )
Chakrabortti, Digambar ,1989, History of the Santal Hool of 1855 (reprinted Calcutta: 1989)
Datta Kalikinkar, The santal insurrection of 1855-57, second ed.2001,
Firma KLM Pvt Ltd, 257B,BB Ganguly St, Kolkata-700012.
Sen, Suchibrata ,1984, The Santals of Jungle Mahals: an agrarian history, 1793-1861 (Calcutta: )
Somers, George E., 1985, Dynamics of Santal Traditions in a Peasant Society , Abhinav
SRIVASTAVA, A.R.N., 1986 , Tribal freedom Fighters of India;
Publications Division; New Delhi;
Bodding P.O., Studies in Santal medicine and connected folklore, 1986,
The asiatic Society , 1-Park Street, Kolkatta-700016.
Bodding, P.O. 1925-29. Santal Folk Tales. Oslo: H. Aschehough & Co.[Reprint: 1997.
New Delhi: Gyan Publishing House]
Bodding, P.O., Traditions and Institutions of the Santals, 2001, New Delhi, Gyan.
Bompas, Cecil Henry (Tr.) Folklore of the Santal Parganas; 324p., Gloss., App., 22 cm.
2001, Delhi,
CHAUDHURI, A.B. , The Santal Religion and Rituals; Ashish Publishing House;
New Delhi; 1985
CHOUDHURY, Asit Baran , Saontal Samaj, Daini O Bartaman Sankat - The Society of Saontal;
A. Mukherjee and Co. Pvt. Ltd.; Calcutta; 1985
Culshaw, Wesley J. 1949. Tribal Heritage: A Study of the Santals. London: Lutterworth

DASGUPTA, Somesh,1999, Human Encounter: The Santhals in A Spider's Clutch and Other stories;
Rupali Computer; Barasat;
GAUSDAL, Johannes 1960, The Santal Khuts - Contribution to Animistic Research;
Harvard University Press; Cambridge, Mass;
Hembram, P.C., Sari-Sarna : Santhal Religion, 1988,, Publisher Mittal , Delhi Hardbound New 6, India.
Hembrom Dr T, The santals, 1996, Punthi pustak,136/4B, Bidhansarani,
Kisku, D. Barka. 2000. The Santals and their Ancestors. Dumka: Career Press
Kochuchira, John, Political History of Santal Parganas : From 1765 to 1872, 2000, New Delhi, Inter-India, 2000.
Mahapatra, Sitakanta, 1987, Modernization & Ritual , Oxford University Press, Incorporated
Mahapatra, Mary D., Tribal Religion and Rituals, : Accounts of Superstition, Sorcery and Spirits, 2001, Delhi, Dominant.
MCALPIN, M.C. , 1981, Report on the Condit. of the Sonthals in Dist. of Birbhum, Bankura, Midnapore,
N.Balasore.; Firma Mukhopadhyay; Calcutta;
Mitra P C, Santhali - A universal heritage, 1991, Firma KLM Pvt Ltd,
257B, BB Ganguly St, Kolkata-700012.

Mukherjee, C.L. 1962. The Santals. Calcutta: A. Mukherjee
Mathur, Nita (Ed.), Santhal Worldview. . 2001.
New Delhi: Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts.
Orans, M. 1965. The Santal: A Tribe in Search of a Great Tradition.
Detroit: Wayne State University Press
RAY, Ujjwal Kanti ; 1982 To Be With Santals; Government of West Bengal; Calcutta;
Risley H H,The tribes and castes of bengal, 1981, Firma KLM Pvt
Ltd,257B,BB Ganguly St,Kolkata-700012.
ROY, Dr. K.K., Tribal Religions: Incorporating Religious Consultancy; Vol. 1;
Intertrade Publications Pvt. Ltd.; West Bengal
SAHU, Chaturbhuj, The Santhal Women - A Social Profile; Sarup & Sons; New Delhi; 1996
Sen Suchibrata, The santals: crises of identity and integration,
1998, Punthi pustak, 136/4B, Bidhansarani, Kolkata-700004.

Troisi, J. 1979. Tribal religion: religious beliefs and practices among the Santals.
Columbia, MO: South Asia Books
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