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Water spring makeover - Rs 12.64 lakh for development of Bulbulakund Dalahi

Bulbulakund Dalahi in Jaridih will soon be developed into a tourist hub and pilgrim spot. Picture by Pankaj Singh

One more name has made it to the list of places in Bokaro that will undergo a makeover to draw visitors.
The state government has given its nod and sanctioned Rs 12.64 lakh for development of Bulbulakund Dalahi or the bubble water spring in Maoist-hit Jaridih block into a religious centre-cum-tourist spot.
This comes close on the heels of several other places of the district — Lugu Buru Ghantabari Dhoromgarh, one of the largest religious centres of Santhals at Lalpania, Tenughat dam (both in Gomia) and Mrig Khoh, Durga Pahadi and Singhpur at Kasmar block — being shortlisted for a tourism project undertaken jointly by the Centre and the state.
According to the proposal, Bulbulakund Dalahi, located at Jagasur village in Jaridih, about 30km from Bokaro steel city, will not only become a tourist hub, adventure sports will also be introduced there. The water spring, which is known to have medicinal properties, will be developed into a religious centre.
Bokaro deputy commissioner Sunil Kumar said the state tourism department had sanctioned Rs 12,64,500 for the project. “Once Bulbulakund, along with Lugu Buru Ghantabari, Durga Pahadi, Tenughat dam and nearby places, turn into tourist hot spots, the face of Bokaro district will change. It will be able to draw huge numbers of visitors,” Kumar added.
Bulbulakund Dalahi is steeped in history.
The lore goes that thousands of years ago, a procession of men on their way to attend the local king’s marriage stopped by the water spring and some of the guests decided to take a dip or satiate their thirst. But they made the mistake of getting into the water without offering any prayers. As a result, all the men drowned one by one. Those who went to rescue them also died.
When the king came to know about the incident, he held a yajna at the spot and treated it as a religious site. Since then, no accident has taken place at the water spring, where bubbles keep breaking out round the clock.
In fact, hundreds of devotees take a dip at the spring with the belief that the water has healing properties to cure, among other ailments, skin diseases. Many also worship tribal deities here.
A fair is held at the grounds during Makar Sankranti.
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