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Monday, February 11, 2013

Dr. Md. Afsarul Ameen, MP Minister( Mass and Edn) for RECOGNIZATION SANTALI ALPHABET in BANGLADESH

After 5 November 2012, Mr. Sanjeeb Drong and Mr Rabindra Nath Soren are requested by Secretary of Primary and Mass Education ministry to arrange a Meeting with the Santal People to select Alphabet for Primary Education Books for the Santal Student's. We waited, but Mr. Soren is failed to arrange the Meeting. Finally we the Santal of Bangladesh headed by BSB Bangladisom Santal Baisi had arranged a National Workshop at Dinajpur press club on 22 December 2012. We (The Santals of Bangladesh,Prof. Sikder Monoare Murshed(Shourav Sikder);PhD Professor, Dept. of Linguistics and Mr. Sanjeeb Drong) all have to well inform that Mr. Rabindranath Soren is invited more time to attend the Seminar and Press Conference. Mysteriously, he didn't attend there and the delegates decided that the Alphabet for Santali books will be 'Roman Santali Alphabet' which is becoming now Fully as a `Santali Alphabet'And we already submitted that decisions papers and others documents to the Hon. Dr. Md. Afsarul Ameen, MP (Minister for Primary and Mass Education of Bangladesh) on January 17, 2013 to take necessary steps to recognize and implement SANTALI ALPHABET for Primary School level books for the Santals Students in Bangladesh. Hon. Minister Says that he will arrange a meeting with National Text and Curriculum Board of Bangladesh to take legal decision as soon.


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