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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Santal people demand primary education in mother tongue

Our Correspondent . Rajshahi

The Santal people in Rajshahi on Wednesday put forward their seven-point charter of demands including primary education in their mother tongue besides Bangla.
Others demands include establishment of a Santal language academy, books in Santal language, steps to protect the Santal heritage, engaging scholars in developing Santal language, establishing Adibashi language academy under the Mother Tongue Institute and a council session for the all national communities.
Adibashi Mukti Morcha, a platform of national minorities, made the demands at a press conference at the Rajshahi Press Club.     
In a written speech, the platform president, Zogendranath Saren, said even after the passage of four years, the government could not take any notable initiative to meet the demands of the national minorities as per its electoral pledges.
Now time has come for the government to ensure the self-determination of the minorities, he added.
Zogendranath claimed there was no alternative to movement to press home their demands as they had already lost their trust in the ruling party about implementation of the peace treaty.
Adibashi Mukti Morcha general secretary Zakarias Dumri, Santal language development committee president Gabriel Hasda, Mahale language development committee president Merina Hasda also spoke at the programme.


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